Posted by: aektinka | એપ્રિલ 12, 2008

ભારા ન મોકલાવ__ આદિલ મન્સૂરી



  1. very nice gazal
    hraday ne hachmachavi muknar………..khub j saras gazal

  2. Namashkar! mane a vat jani ne khub aanand thayo k gujarat sarakar dvara aapanu sanman thavanu chhe. aap banne kavione mara antarni khub-khub shubhechchhao.

  3. When you share your sadness with someone it certainly helps you to come out of the setbacks that you might have experienced, but the tragedy is when you don’t have someone to share your life, your views, or any happiness or sadness, it is the real time where Ghazal or such Rachana will help you to lessen your pain. Bhar Na Mokklavo is certainly one of them…….! I really loved it. Pragnesh (Vadodara, Gujarat)

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